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Volume I - Edition VI

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Guest Article written for the Henri Nouwen Society:

On the Journey Towards Good Stewardship 
written by JAN DAVIS

I picture vineyards, households, and talents. I see servants entrusted with large amounts of money. And I hear my pastor asking for a return of a percentage of my time, treasure, and talent to the church. I get the idea that a good steward is one who manages or cares for something well.  
The image in my soul, however, opens to the memory of a recent February 2nd. I remember listening to the liturgical reading of the day, the feast of the "Presentation in the Temple" and was struck by Mary and Joseph's fidelity to the law and stewardship as parents. I pondered Simeon's prophecy of Jesus' destiny and that a sword would pierce Mary's soul. 
Driving home I wondered, as a mother, what it would be like to offer a child back to God, as Mary and Joseph did in the Temple. Within hours, I got the phone call that no parent wants to receive. My son, Wade, was in a traffic accident and killed instantly. 
In giving my child back to God in this way, I have come to reverence the preciousness of life. I now see myself as a steward of relationships. A good steward manages and cares for the dearest of relationships with love. A good steward is faithful to the law, the commandment to love, by tending to challenging relationships with mercy an
d forgiveness. A parent's good stewardship insures that the children grow and become strong, filled with wisdom and the grace of God.

"On the Journey Towards Faithfulness" first appeared as a weekly reflection eLetter from www.HenriNouwen.org on December 18, 2006.



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